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Active Courses
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EDT6950  Google Tools in Education
EDT6952  Next Generation Literacy
EDT6938  Accountability to Independence
EDT6960  Elevating Student Participation with EdTech New as of Fall 2023
Some "Self-Paced" titles have previously been taught in person
You cannot receive new credit for the "Self-Paced" version, if you previously took it in person.
EDT6935  The Digital Student 
EDT6936  Dynamic Lesson Design 
EDT6945  Healthy Pathways to Authentic Learning
EDT6752  The Future of Learning and Technology
EDT6958  Assessing for Achievement
EDT6954  Reaching & Teaching Gifted Learners 
EDT6937  Power of Inclusive Classroom - New as of 2024
EDT6961  Fostering Improvement with Disadvantaged StudentsNew as of Fall 2023
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Retired Courses
It's always a good idea to check your transcript "EDT" numbers against newer course titles.  Sometimes, slight title changes may occur for marketing reasons.  That is why the EDT# is the most important piece of information to compare whether you have already taken a course that you may have interest in right now. Walsh does not grant credit for repeated courses.  Most Educators have a copy of their transcripts. If you do not, you can order one from Walsh using this (click) request form in order to check your previously credited coursework.  Walsh does not have online access to that information. 

The following courses are no longer being offered as part of Communicate Institute's range of coursework.  These EDT #s are now "retired", but ALL credit obtained per Walsh University Transcripts remains valid for the life of the student.


3 sem. hour courses

EDT6438  IQEQ Connections

EDT6690  Strategies Reducing Educator/Student Stress (aka LIFEPOWER)

EDT6691  Developing Self-Reliance  (Developing Self-Reliant People)

EDT6692  Human Relations/Educators (Adventures in Attitudes)

EDT6693  People Skills in Coaching Athletes

EDT6694  Peak Communication (Peak Performance in Communication)

EDT6695  Cooperative Learning

EDT6696  Time & Life Mastery - Time Management for Educators  

EDT6698  Mentorship

EDT6699  Teaching Skills through Humor

EDT6956  Modeling Resilience in Schools and Classrooms

EDT6700  Raising Student Achievement

EDT6701  Literacy for Learning - Reading & Writing Across the Curriculum

EDT6720  Understanding Student Misbehavior

EDT6724  Educating for Character

EDT6725  Creative Teaching Strategies  

EDT6729  Effective Instruction

EDT6731  Positive Discipline in The Classroom

EDT6747  Strength-Based Interventions Risk to Resilience for Students

EDT6748  Hands on Math K-8  

EDT6749  Engaging the 21st Century Learner thru Technology 

EDT6750  Bringing out the Best in Students: Develop Performance Character 

EDT6900  Brain Power Strategies    

EDT6901  Courage for the Discouraged

EDT6915  The Teacher's Toolbox

EDT6916 Succeeding with Students of Poverty

EDT6932  The Well-Informed Educator

EDT6940  Differentiated Teaching and Learning   


1 sem. hour course

EDT6721  PASS: Proficiency Achievement Success Strategies




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