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Bringing out the Best in Students: -Developing Performance Character EDT6750
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Bringing out the Best in Students   EDT6750


Co-Authors: Nancy Utterback, Ph.D., CSP & Bonnie Hurley, MS 

Research on motivation and talent development shows there are certain character traits students need to achieve excellence in school and in life. In this course, K-12 educators will learn how to help students understand, value, and internalize such performance character traits as perseverance, a strong work ethic, self-discipline, resiliency, and humility. This course will focus on the performance character traits necessary for leading a productive fulfilling life, & bringing out students' best performance character.


Participants will be involved in a group presentation which could require some limited outside of class communication (most of the group work on the project will be done IN class). However, this research/work can be used in the final application plan. 


A few of the many things participants will learn:

*Concrete ideas they can use to help teach performance character

*The 20 things good teachers do to motivate students to do their best

*How to create a culture of excellence

*How to effectively use the “4 Keys Approach” to develop character

*How to build ethical learning communities within the classroom

*How to use service learning to bring out the best in students

*The exposure to valuable major character education resources such as books, newsletters and websites.

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