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*Application Plan Details (the single assignment required for graduate credit)




Cost and Payment Questions
*Courses are all 3 semester graduate hours and the cost is $599.
*You may register here on the website OR by mail with a check or money order. A $50 deposit per class is required.
*The balance is paid by check or money order on the first day of class. (*Non-Sufficient funds check charge is $30.)
*All check payments should be made out to "Communicate Institute".
                                                                                       Two VERY rare, specific "other" situations:
                          *Undergraduate credit:  Some professional educators, especially working in career/technical schools, did not require                                 a Bachelor Degree for their license. In their renewal process, they can take our courses as "under"graduate.  Still $599.
                            (Our courses cannot be  taken for undergraduate credit toward a Bachelor Degree with Walsh. Just for ODE License Renew )
                          *NON-credit:  also extremely rare. A student wants no college credit, just contact hours.  Cost is $399. 
Group Discounts are $40 per person per 3 hr. course when 3 or more registrations for the same class are enclosed in one envelope or called in at the same time. If a group member cancels or transfers, the discount does not apply if group falls below 3. You may replace a group member with someone not already enrolled for the class.
The following 3 discount categories may be combined with a group discount for a max of $60 per class 
Substitute Teacher Discounts are $40 per class.  Please show verification on the first day of class (pay stub, administrative signature, other). 
Retired Teacher Discounts are $40 per class. No documentation required.  This is a new discount starting Fall of 2015, for retirees who are not substitute teaching, but are simply maintaining their license.  Not meant to be combined with the "Substitute" discount. 
The Military discount category may be combined with any other discounts, (sub/retired/group) for a max of $80 per class.
Military Discounts are $40 per class. This is a new discount starting Spring of 2017. 
Updated: 4/1/2019
Obviously, if it is Communicate Institute that must cancel due to low enrollment or unforeseen circumstances, registrants will receive a full refund. 
*If you must cancel, the $50 deposit is non-refundable. This has always been true.
*However, the deposit is transferable to another course that occurs in the same season or the next season. 
*You have 21 days from the start date of the original class to re-enroll, or the deposit is lost. 
LATE CANCELLATION: Unless in extreme emergencies, anyone who fails to show or does not contact us outside of 48 hours before the start time of the first class session will lose their deposit.




A transcript is a FULL record of ALL courses taken at a university.  A gradecard* does not carry weight required for your license.


Walsh University receives and processes your request for transcripts, by mail or fax only.

Communicate Institute does not PROCESS the transcripts. 

Communicate Institute DOES provide the forms at your class, where the instructor gave you a request form.

OR, you can easily print a replacement by clicking here: REQUIRED TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM


The form is really just your most basic information and just $5.00 per copy from Walsh.

Walsh guarantees to have transcripts ready to send at 28 days after the course.

Walsh does not grant credit for repeating a course. NOTE: The Digital Student is currently our only title that exists in both typical in-person format, and also as an online course.  It cannot be taken by one person in both formats and would be considered a disqualifying repeat. 



You don't have to "guess" when a transcript will be ready.  Walsh also allows you to "pre-order" transcripts so they can be mailed as soon as grades are entered (possibly earlier than 28 days).  IF you are pre-ordering, the form requires a bit more specific information that can be found (click) HERE.   This way, Walsh knows to hold your order until transcripts are ready, rather than immediately sending one to you minus your most recent coursework. 




Keep in mind that all Teaching Licenses have an expiration date of June 30th. Please check with your LPDC for information specific to your individual district. LPD Committees have almost total power in their level of strictness for deadlines and meeting your needs. Walsh University and Communicate Institute are not responsible for the various requirements or determinations made by LPDC.


These courses are approved through the Graduate Education Department of Walsh University which is a fully accredited University in the State of Ohio and approved by North Central Association of Colleges and Universities. 


(*Walsh produces gradecards at the end of longer "terms".  Most often, it will be faster to order a transcript than wait for a card)


The Application Plan

Students must attend all sessions and complete the Application Plan for 3 semester hours credit and a grade of "B".


The Application Plan takes any number of concepts from the class - and asks that you describe two elements: 1. Brief descriptions of the learning from the class to demonstrate your understanding of the concept(s) 2. The plan for how you will or would apply that new learning in your professional setting to make you more effective. We value papers that spend more words discussing the application (element 2). Papers need to be at least 4 pages (cover not included), standard 12 pt. font, less than one inch margins, and may be double spaced.  No special APA formatting is required.


The "A" requires another piece of work that brings your total # pages of produced work to at least 10 pages (In other words, your application + other assignment = at least 10 pages).  It can be a double-size application plan, a book review, or special project.


Participants may take notes on potential drafting ideas in class.  It is not academically appropriate to be actively drafting assignments during the posted course meeting times of the class.  It is not academically appropriate to submit assignments on the last day of class (as it implies disregard for concepts being discussed on the final day).


You have up to one week after the last day of the course to turn in your paper(s).





Attendance is measured in both quality and hours.


Participants must attend and actively participate in all sessions. Participants must read and react to all material in the course workbook and accompanying materials. Participants may be asked to leave if they actively or passively demonstrate behaviors that are unprofessional - in this case, missed time will be considered unexcused and will fall under the category of absence.


Since the courses are offered in a highly condensed format, missed class time should be avoided. If you know ahead of time that you will be missing more than 1/2 day, you should probably not enroll at this time. However, in unavoidable or emergency circumstances, we have guidelines for makeup:


Participant misses 5 hours or less - he/she must write a response to all of the material covered during the missed time and submit it.  Make-up assignment or effort should err on the side of at least the time missed (make-up effort cannot be perceived as less than time missed, for obvious reasons)


Participant misses over 5 hours of class time, up to 7.5 hours (full day) there must be an evaluation of circumstance which will determine if the day must be made up with attendance at another section of the same course, or replacement attendance under another title with an assignment related to missed material in the original class. (Update 6/1/2017)


Participant misses more than a full day there will be a requirement to make up ALL the missed sessions at another location/date.




Since class participants are counting on the class, we want to avoid cancellation except for the most severe driving conditions. We use NOAA/National Weather Service warning designations and Sheriff Level alerts to make these determinations. Adult travel has a far different threshold than that of children and busses in a K-12 situation.


We will post status of the class on our website, before 4PM for Friday session, and before 6:30AM for day long sessions


If Communicate Institute must cancel a half day .....We will not make up that half day. No assignment due to make up.

If Communicate Institute cancels 1 day or more ....We will make it up through a replacement assignment that covers missed course material to be determined by C.I. and the instructor.

Once the status of a class is determined - If you hold a different opinion than Communicate Institute of your ability to travel, and feel you are not able to attend due to road conditions in your area, we encourage you to follow your feelings first. Time missed will be made up through an assignment that covers missed course material to be determined by C.I. and the instructor. This should not be misconstrued as an attempt to determine your course of action. Instead, it is simply the necessary academic requirement we must resolve in order to provide graduate credit to you.  (Updated post-manual production Feb. 2015)


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