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Positive Discipline in The Classroom EDT6731
Risk to Resilience - Strength-Based Interventions for Students EDT6747


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The Digital Student

Author: Gary Kandel M.Ed.   EDT6935



This graduate course was designed by Gary Kandel, M.Ed. to help educators develop lifelong character traits in today’s digital students using digital tools.  This course examines important character traits that lead to healthy adulthood and technology tools and applications that improve learning and support these traits.  Participants will also develop strategies to develop, grow, and maintain technology skills while developing important character traits that maximize student learning, engagement, and lifelong success.

                              A FEW OF THE THINGS YOU WILL LEARN

Proven strategies for developing, building, and sustaining a collaborative/shared work environment with students. Strategies for helping students and participants recognize and develop their passions and how to use their passions to grow academically. Techniques specifically designed to increase the teacher’s presence as the facilitator of learning. Digital tools that help students foster and develop lifelong character traits in themselves and others, while increasing student engagement, academic rigor, and individualization. Instructional strategies and digital tools that assist educators in customizing the learning for various learning styles and abilities of students. Proven strategies and digital tools for harnessing creativity and imagination in both participants and students. Strategies and digital tools for developing strong communication skills in students.

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