Walsh University is fully accredited by ODE, & North Central. 
All courses are 3 semester graduate hours.  All courses are $599, with possible discounts.

Online Self-Paced Courses

Like our in-person sessions, our online/self-paced classes are 3 sem. graduate hours. 

Our online/self-paced classes will use Walsh University’s fantastic and straightforward online design. It will be extremely user-friendly, and you will be guided by the same kind of common-sense, supportive instructor online as you have had during past in-person courses.  They are entirely self-paced.  Past participants have given fantastic feedback and report that the month seems plenty of time to complete the online expectations. Pre-register as you would with ANY of our classes, & as the start date approaches, we will guide you to your course’s online login and final payment. 

All Courses are 3 semester graduate hours.

September Courses will take new registrations even PAST the start date...  all the way until 9/23.   Still, end date remains the same.

September 18 to October 18 - Code 4101 - Gary Kandel  THE DIGITAL STUDENT  - This is a self-paced course.

September 18 to October 18 - Code 4102 - Rebecca Zullo  DYNAMIC LESSON DESIGN - This is a self-paced course. 

October 20 to November 20 - Code 4103 - Andrea Schultz   HEALTH PATHWAYS to AUTHENTIC LEARNING -  self-paced.

October 20 to November 20 - Code 4104 - Tabatha Stover ASSESSING FOR ACHIEVEMENT - This is a self-paced course.

The Digital Student, Healthy Pathways, and Assessing for Achievement have previously existed with in-person format.  A student will not receive new credit if they previously took theses course in person. 


Remote Courses/Not-Self-Paced

These courses use GOOGLE MEET on the specific dates noted.  You will have a live instructor, and you should be prepared

to give your attention during each day listed in order to earn credit.  However, you won't be listening to someone talk and talk all day each day.  Instead, we have created a sequence where the live instructor: *presents material, shares external resources/sites/apps, assigns independent tasks, asks for written responses, and goes "live" again to review learning.  This general design will be repeated with each new phase of the course, at probably 3 to 5 phases per day.  Breaks will occur as needed, and for lunch each day.  Pre-register as you would with ANY of our classes, & as the start date approaches, we will guide you to your course’s online particulars and final payment.   All of these titles have been taught "In-person" previously.  You cannot receive new credit for the remote version.

4114  Google Tools in Education  - REMOTE VERSION     OCTOBER 3, 4, 17, and 18.                     Cheryl Kemper

4115  Next Generation Literacy  -  REMOTE VERSION     OCTOBER 10, 11, 24, and 25.               Beckie Zullo   

Expect an 8 to 3pm workday with appropriate breaks and appropriate but reasonable outside of class hours work.

All Courses are 3 semester graduate hours.


2020 Fall - "In Person" Courses

Below you will find our in-person schedule for Fall.  It is limited to one course per metro area, and - of course, is subject to statewide health conditions.  We successfully held two "in-person classes in July" and so we have already used protocols to manage classes and ironed out inefficiencies in the process. 

All Courses are 3 semester graduate hours.

To attend, you will need to complete a waiver on the first day of class. 

That waiver can be viewed here.  We suggest you read it as you register, so there are no surprises upon the start of your "in-person" course.  Thanks!

All "in-person courses" will take place on the weekends of 11/7,8 and 11/21,22.  

Those are Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 3pm.  We have used Friday evenings in previous years, but are eliminating those evenings and replacing them with appropriate/but reasonable independent work to make up for the missed time.  Here are the locations and titles that we are offering:

4105  Akron  @ Holiday Inn West, Montrose       Succeeding With Students of Poverty               Danica Brunker

4106  Canton    @ Walsh University                       Modeling Resilience in the Classroom              Haymond/Porter

4107  Columbus  @ Hampton Inn Easton             Reaching and Teaching Gifted Learners          Denise Callihan

4109  Cincinnati @ Mason HI Express Fields Ertel      Future of Learning and Technology         Jon Smith

4110  Dayton @ Courtyard by Marriott Dayton Mall   Google Tools in Education                        McKenzie Wallace

4111  Toledo @ Staybridge Suites  Rossford I-75    Succeeding with Students of Poverty           Betty Maceo

4112  Youngstown @ Hampton Inn Boardman    Google Tools in Education                                 Garth Holman

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