You have successfully paid the deposit(s) for your class
choice(s).  Look forward to hearing from us about 7-10 days from the start of EACH course for which you registered.
The balance payment is due on the first meeting day of each   in-person course - and can only be made by check or money order. 
For online courses, we will collect payments by check or money order through a self-addressed stamped mailer that will be sent to your home several weeks ahead of the online start date (similar to a bill from a doctor).
We only accept credit cards as a convenience for deposits like you just made for pre-registration.
As always, feel free to call us at 330-526-8977.  If you just
want a little bit more assurance that we have received your
choices and payment, simply click here and send a quick email with your name and we will re-confirm within 36-48 hours (or sooner).
                                          -Communicate Institute



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