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Differentiated Teaching and Learning

Author: Dr. Rose Mucci   EDT6940



Research shows that the single largest factor in improving student success is the effectiveness of that student’s teacher.  Differentiated instruction is a method of designing and delivering instruction to best reach each student.  DTL focuses on assisting teachers to hone their effectiveness in doing just that - designing and delivering instruction to best reach each student.  In other words Differentiated Teaching and Learning centers attention on effective research based instruction, allowing teachers to have a laser focus on proven methods of teaching and learning – areas where they have a direct impact.

                              A FEW OF THE THINGS YOU WILL LEARN

DTL specifically assists teachers by providing research based strategies and practices that allow teachers to reach and increase the achievement of more students.  During this course, teachers will learn how to establish a positive learning environment; develop effective procedures and routines in the classroom; successfully create collaborative work through cooperative learning; design respectful and differentiated lessons; connect content to relevant life experiences and career opportunities; motivate students toward lesson mastery;  assess and adjust lesson content to meet students’ needs; and motivate students to work productively and assume responsibility for their own learning.  The strategies presented are not content specific and therefore, can be applied to any grade level, discipline or classroom situation.

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